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HumaBlot 3S(CycleBlot 48)

HumaBlot 3S can handle 3 different projects at the same time, the maximum flux is 48. It is suitable for high throughput and low flux laboratories.

  • 1-48 sample fluxes
  • Handle 3 different projects at the same time
  • Internal preset HumaScan software


Elisys Duo

2-plate fully automated ELISA analyzer (including UPS)

  • Open system, up to 3 plates in one run
  • Integrated PC and touchscreen
  • Continuous loading of reagents, plates and samples
  • Sample barcode reader
  • 8 filter wheel with 450nm and 620nm installed


Elisys Quattro

4-plate full automated ELISA analyzer (including UPS)

  • Open system, walk-away capability
  • Up to 7 plates in one run, 4 independent incubators
  • Continuous loading

About BioPioneer

BioPioneer Investment Co.,Ltd, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Beijing, China. BioPioneer dedicates to provide superior IVD products to China. As our goal is “Aggregates world’s leading technology! Bridged the China power”.

Now BioPioneer’s business covers more than 100+ distributors, and 500+ hospital in Great China Region.

In addition, BioPioneer has never been derailed from the world. Today, BioPioneer has established stable cooperation with HUMAN China and continuously introduced high quality autoimmune diagnostic reagents and instruments into the Chinese market, for many end-customers to provide high-quality, comprehensive medical diagnosis program, has won the trust of customers and recognition.